Bags to use every day. For the past 20 years, we have continued our search for the “standard” bag from our Harajuku base. RAMIDUS was launched in October 2019, from the birthplace of street fashion, to create a “new standard” for future generations.

BLACK BEAUTY is a collection that represents the "NEW STANDARD" created by RAMIDUS. Stylish and compact, the black tags, and choice of fabric exudes a casual and elegant impression. The high-dyeing technology used, results in the deep and beautiful black finish. The designs use extremely lightweight, water-repellent and shape memory polyester fabric as well as a complex bonding process that results in a stylish look. Our intention for this reconstruction is the concept of “Just Right.”. Not only are the designs stress-free, the comfortable functionality for everyday use with an all-black look, represents the “Just Right.” motif. We hope you enjoy the world of BLACK BEAUTY which incorporates new technologies and durability that have evolved with the needs of our time.