Membership Registration

Email Address/Password

At the time of registering as a member you will need to enter your email address and a password.
Your email address and password are required to login when ordering a product or when using member functions.
If you forget your password please reset your password by clicking “Forgot my password”.
If you use or and any more account, you may not receive our reply.

Amending your member registration information

Your registered member information can be amended by going to “Top Page → Account”.

Terminating Membership

Those wishing to terminate can do so by going to “Top Page → Account”
If you terminate your membership you will no longer be able to use any of the membership services.

User Information

Our store listed price is tax free price.
We use Fedex for delivery.
For large products such as furniture we will quote you a separate shipping cost.

Regarding the popular products , we may limit the number of orders per customer.
we kindly ask for your understanding.

Flow of Purchase

  1. Choose a product of your choice and click “put in shopping basket”.
  2. For those who have an account please log in. If you do not, please create an account.
  3. Please nominate method of payment and delivery address.
  4. Check your order and click “confirm order”. Automatic confirmation email will be sent from our store and the purchase is finalized. We also sell at our store therefor on rare occasions products may be out of stock. Please understand that this may occur.
  5. We will email you again once stock is confirmed and the item is ready to be delivered.
  6. When the product is delivered, immediately check to make sure that the product is the product you ordered and check for any damage or wear and tear.

Membership benefits “Membership registration is free”

  • Various benefit services
    Benefits such as pre-sale (only during campaign).
  • Sale items will be further discounted!
    Further discounts for members! (only during campaign)


You can use the following methods of payment.

Credit Card (online settlement)

Credit Cards you can use: The four major credit cards : JCB, MasterCard and VISA.


Paypal credit settlement is a “Safe Settlement” system whereby the store does not retain any card information.

Internet UnionPay

UnionPay card (unionpay debit card and unionpay credit card) suitable for internet settlement can be used.


Chinese purchasers already using Alipay can start using it immediately without any new procedures.

  • Handling fee of each settlement is free of charge.
  • Presents/Gifts can be sent direct.
  • Everything is done smoothly from purchase to receipt of the product.
  • Our security supports SSL therefore it is safe to use.
  • In case of cancellation or return of product, repayment method will differ according to the method of settlement. If you have any queries please contact the appropriate store.
  • We do not, as a general rule, send out credit card receipts for security reasons. Please check the usage statements sent by the card company.
  • Our settlement system uses GMO payment gateway service. For more details please click here.

International Shipping

  • We use Fedex to ship our products.

    Please Note,
    FedEx don't deliver to the part of region.
    If the case, we will ship to you with EMS.
    And some exceptions apply to select countries.

  • If you choose credit card payment , since it may take about 4 days until we can confirm your payment.
  • After confirmation of payment the product will be shipped within 3 days.
  • Please understand that date and time of delivery cannot be designated.
  • Our company cannot commit an act of under value or send a product as "gift", and we ask for your understanding.
  • You may be subject to import duties and taxes which are levied once a shipment reaches your country and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods. Additional charges of tax and import duties are calculated according to the product price written on the invoice. As the way additional charges are calculated differ among countries, please ask the Customs office of the shipping destination for details.

Shipping Cost

Asia Oceania / North America /
Central America / Middle East
3,300JPY 4,400JPY 4,150JPY
  • Shipping costs may be changed depending on the purchase amount or quantities.


  • When you receive your product please check immediately to make sure that the product is what you actually ordered.
  • We only accept returns for unopened/unused items and you need to contact us by phone or email within 1 week of receiving the item.
  • About returning items due to your convenience (for example, different to what was imagined), we can accept them if you will contact us within 7 days from receiving items.
    If the case, returning costs (included postage, import duties, local taxes or any charges, etc.) will be paid for you.
  • Please note that the amount of refund will be the item cost less the returning cost.
  • Please note that exchange due to customer reasons such as size and color will require payment of return shipping cost.
  • We do our utmost to ensure the quality of our products but in rare cases of damage or wear and tear of products or if it is different to what was ordered please contact us within 3 days of receiving the item. We will immediately accept return/exchange the item. (Our company will pay the shipping cost in this case.)

We cannot accept return or exchange of product when

  • more than 8 days has passed since receiving the item
  • the item has been used once
  • the item has been damaged or wear and tear was caused by the customer
  • the box, instruction manual etc. have been damaged, dirtied, lost or thrown away by the customer
  • after the receipt of the item it has been repaired, cleaned etc.
  • the item was purchased at a special price (discounted)
  • the item was purchased as part of a lucky dip bag



  • The size description such as “S size” will differ between brands.
  • External measurements are taken with the item laid flat on the floor.
  • Depending on items, measurement error of 1~2cm may occur.
  • Standards and units differ according to the country of design therefore please only use them as a guide.
  • We use our own method of measurement therefore it may differ to other companies’ measurement.


  • The color of the product image resembles as close as possible to that of the actual product.
  • We use the color description used by the brand. Even if the color name is the same depending on the product the actual color may be slightly different.
  • Depending on the setup of the monitor being used difference in color may occur.